BadSisters, is a brand created by two sisters who grew up between fabrics and paints since they were little.

Their designs are unique and innovative. It is a perfect mix between textures and colors with important details that identify them.

Oriented to all types of public, art lovers, with attitude and who seek to look and feel good standing out among their peers.

This artistic stamp and high-end clothing is what sets us apart and stands out, so we are a very attractive offer of quality and avant-garde for the world.

"Our fabrics are designed, printed and many of them are drawn freehand, allowing us to put a little art in each of our pieces."


INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/bad_sisters

FACEBOOK https://facebook.com/badsistersdesign

Nuestras telas las diseñamos, siempre inspiradas en las maravillas de nuestro universo, en la flora y fauna de nuestros planeta, rescatamos la belleza de la naturaleza y destacamos los fascinantes colores, texturas y formas de manera natural.

Quisimos llevar el arte que nuestro planeta nos ofrece al dibujo a mano alzada y a las telas.

''Arte en nuestras telas''

Nuestro amor por la vida y la naturaleza va más allá, razón por la que priorizamos su cuidado. Somos una firma consciente, preocupada por el medio ambiente.

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